Two Exciting Things to Announce

I've been meeting more fans through the giveaway and I'm so excited to welcome you all. Thanks for being a part of this exciting journey!

There have been a few fantasy and science fiction giveaways that I was lucky to be a part of. Here are the details of some other great stories you can get for free...

Amazing Fantasy Giveaway

And another one...

Art of the Arcane

Top 10 Reasons NOT to Travel to Illumia - Guest Post by Angel Leya

Hi, I’m Angel Leya, and I write clean young adult stories with (at least) a touch of magic and romance. My latest story is Running Toward Illumia, Astrea’s tale of finding herself while running from the one thing she wants most: To find her sense of belonging.

Astrea’s lived in the Mist all her life, and she loves it there. In fact, she’d do just about anything to feel like she fits in with her Rudan people, even hunt a unicorn to feed her starving tribe.

Apprentice Mistake unboxed on YouTube :)

Thanks to Heidi Angell for unboxing my short story, Apprentice Mistake.


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