Book Review - Spellmonger : Book One Of The Spellmonger Series

This was a very fun story, most of the time. There were times that it felt like the narrator started droning on and nearly put me to sleep. Most of the time, I enjoyed the history, thaumaturgy lessons, but some of the time it felt like he was repeating himself. It is also interesting to note that we never enter the point of view of anyone except for Minalan. It feels like this is some sort of memoir or witness confessional, so I won't hold it against him. I just point it out that we spend a lot of time in his head.

Book Review - Pool of Knowledge (The Hidden Wizard Book 1)

There are things that I absolutely love about this world, but too many things just happen to fall into place (ie: seem contrived). I gave the author the benefit of the doubt several times, but things got more contrived as things went on. So, what is an example that I can give you that doesn't contain any spoilers? Hmmmm. Let's just say that whenever something is needed the puzzle pieces are already there. You might be informed that a long lost relative (or sometimes one much closer) just happens to fill that role perfectly so that we don't have to seek anyone out.

Book Review - Words of Radiance (The Stormlight Archive, #2)

There are several reasons that I love Sanderson's writing, yet I am hard pressed to say exactly what it is that I love about the Stormlight Series. I think that it's more than the level of detail in his world, although he does a great job with that. When confronted with books with as many pages as this one has, I get really picky about who the author is. It is a considerable time investment. The audiobook is 48 hours long. I am fairly worn out by this excursion, but I am excited to move forward to Oathbringer.


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